Live freeze-dried vaccine against infectious bronchitis virus of poultry.

One dose contain:
Virus bronchitidis infectiosae avium (strain H 120) min. 103 EID50
target species Poultry
indication Active immunisation of chicks against infectious bronchitis virus of poultry.
contra-indications Do not use in animals sick or suspected from any disease. Vaccination of layers during lay period is not recommended.
route of administration
Individual application – intraconjuctival or intranasal application
Mass application – dissolution in feed wather or application by aerosol.
Vaccine is dissoluted in necessary volume of drinking water, which depends on method of application.
a) Individual (intraconjuctival / intranasal) application
The volume of vaccine for vaccination of one animal is 0,1 ml therefore for vaccination of 100 chicks is one vial with volume of 100 vaccinated doses dissolved in 10 ml of dilutent. In the course of intranasal vaccination is to vaccinated chick closed one nasal hole by finger and vaccine is administered to the second nasal hole. In the source of intracojuctival way of vaccination is the vaccine administered into conjuctival sac. During vaccination acceptance of full vaccination dose by every subject is monitoring.
b) Mass application in feed water
Vaccine is dissoluted immediately before using in cold fresh drinking water. Vaccine is dissoluted in such volume of water, which is consumed by vaccinated poultry throughout 2 till 3 hours and fill the bill approximately 1/7 of daily volume of drinking water.
c) Mass application by aerosol
For inhalation route of administration, the vial with content of 1000 doses is diluted in 200 ml to 300 ml of water and is administered by sprayer.
recommended vaccination scheme Scheme of vaccination depends on actual infectious situation of concrete rearing and on immunity of vaccinated animals. It is possible to vaccinate chicks since first day of their live , however after primo vaccination during first week of live revaccination in third week of live is recommended. Layers and parents rearing is possible to vaccinate in 4th to 8th week of age and to revaccinate in 10th to 12th week.
remark Water for dissolution of vaccine must be fresh drinking water free of any essences of disinfects agents, cleaners, chlorides and ions of metals. With purpose to save vaccinated virus defeat milk-powder in volume 0,4% (4 grams per one litter of drinking water) is added.
undiserable effects Soft cough and soft respiratory problems at vaccinated chicks may occur, they fade to 7 till 10 days after vaccination. In the case of emergency vaccination of layers , temporary eggs drop may develop.
withdrawal period None.
size of package Vials with the content of  1000; 2000; and 5000 doses.
stability 12 months. The vaccine should be used within 3 hours after reconstitution.
storage conditions Store at temperature between +2 to +8 °C, in dark and dry place.
country of MA Slovak Republic

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