One dose ( 0,5 ml) contains:
Paramyxovirus pseudopestis avium inactivatum
                           inducing  min. 5 logHI antibodies 
Virus bronchitidis infectiosae avium inactivatum
                          inducing min. 1526 ELISA units 
Adenovirus EDS 76 inactivatum  
                          inducing min. 6 logHI antibodies
target species Poultry
indication Active immunisation of breeding poultry and layers against Newcastle disease virus, Infectious Bronchitis virus and Egg Drop Syndrome virus .
contra-indications Do not use in animals sick or suspected from any disease.
dosage 0,5 ml .
route of administration Subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
recommended vaccination scheme The vaccine should be given to breeding poultry and layers around 16 - 20 weeks of age, but not less than 3 weeks before the expected onset of lay. Before vaccination with Avigal NBE, the birds should have been primed with a live vaccines against IBR and NDV .
undiserable effects None.
withdrawal period At compulsory slaughter of animals during period by 21 days after vaccination, tissue in the injected area is necessary to eliminate.
size of package Vials with content of 100 ml (200 doses), 200 ml (400 doses), 500 ml (1000 doses)
stability 12 months.
storage conditions Store at temperature between +2 to +8 °C, in dark and dry place. Prevent from freezing.
country of MA  Slovak Republic.


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