Inactivated oily vaccine against Reovirus infection of poultry.

1 ml of the vaccine contains:
Reovirus avium phyl. S 1133 inactivatum 
                                             min. 107,1 TCID50
Reovirus avium phyl. RB 3 inactivatum 
                                             min. 105,3 TCID50
target species Poultry.
indication Active immunisation of breeding poulktry against avian Reovirus infection (viral arthritis and tenosynovitis of poultry).
contra-indications Do not use in animals sick or suspected from any disease. The vaccine is not intended for animals younger than 3 weeks.
Vaccination dose for animals younger than 35 days is 0,3 ml.
Vaccination dose for animals older than 35 days is 0,5 ml.
route of administration Subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
undiserable effects None.
withdrawal period It is necessary to eliminate tissue in the injected area at compulsory slaughter of animals during period of 21 days after vaccination.
size of package Vials with content of 100 ml (200 doses), 200 ml (400 doses), 500 ml (1000 doses)
stability 12 months.
storage conditions Store at temperature between +2 to +8 °C, in dark and dry place. Prevent from frost.
country of MA Slovak Republic

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