Live attenuated vaccine against red murrain in pigs

Content One dose contains:                                    Atenuated Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, strain VR-2                    min. 4 – 6 x 10CFU   max. 5 x 10CFU Original packing contains Dilutent E.
Target species Pigs.
Indication Active immunization of pigs against erysipelosis      ( red murrain).
Contra-indications Animals shoving the clinical symptoms of the disease should not be vaccinated. Antibiotics should not be administered to animals 7 day before and after vaccination .
Dosage and route of of administration Subcutaneously with vaccine dose of 2 ml . Intradermally by needles applicator with vaccine dose  0,2 ml .
Recommended vaccination scheme Pigs intended for fattening: vaccination at the age of 8 - 9 weeks (15 - 20 kg of live weight).            Pigs intended for breeding: primo vaccination at the age of 8 - 9 weeks (15 – 20 kg of live weight) - booster vaccination at the age of 5 - 6 months -any others revaccinations – every 6 months. In case of mass application is possible to apply the vaccine intradermally by needless applicator. In this case is necessary to use the vaccine 8-10 fold concentrated. Two vials containing each 40 doses are diluted in one packing (20 ml) of Dilutent E . 0,2 ml of vaccine diluted after this manner is administered intradermally on the ear base. Immunity develop 8-10 days after vaccination and lasts for 6-8 months.
Undiserable effects Activation of latent and chronic infections after vaccination may occur . Temporary increase of temperature accompanied by reduced food intake for 3-5 days after vaccination in singular cases may occur .
Withdrawal period None.
Size of package Freeze- dried part of vaccine : 1 x 10 doses, 1 x 20 doses 1 x 40 doses                                        Dilutent : 1 x 20 ml , 1 x 40 ml , 1 x 80 ml
Stability 12 months
Storage conditions Store at temperature between +2 to +8 °C, in dark and dry place.
Note The vaccine should be used within 3 hours after dilution.
Country of MA Slovak Republic

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