Inactivated vaccine against Paramyxovirus infections of pigeons.

One dose of the vaccine 0,3 ml contains:
Inactivated pigeon paramyxovirus 1 strain 988M-ca; inducing in chicken min. 5,8-12,3 log2 HI units*
* haemagglutination inhibition
target species Pigeons.
indication For active immunisation of pigeons from the age of 4 weeks onwards to reduce the severity of clinical signs, mortality and excretion of virus after infection caused by paramyxovirus 1.
contra-indications Do not use in animals sick or suspected from any disease.
dosage and route of administration Subcutaneously in the dorsal region of the neck or intramuscularly into the pectoral muscle. The vaccine dose for each age category of vaccinated animals is 0,3 ml.
recommended vaccination scheme
Primary vaccination:
the first injection from the age of 4 weeks
second injection 21 - 28 days later
1 injection every 12 months, at least 21 days before onset of the flying and exhibition season.
onset of immunity 14 days after the last injection.
duration of immunity 1 year.
undiserable effects Occasionally a slight sweling may be observed at the site of injection for 10 days. In laboratory studies, small swellings that did not absorb within 28 days after subcutaneous injection in 0,5% of pigeons was observed.
withdrawal period Zero days.
size of package Vials with content of 9 ml (30 doses), 15 ml (50 doses) , 30 ml( 100 doses)
stability 18 months.
storage conditions Store and transport refrigerated (2 - 8°C). Protect from frost.
country of MA Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Malta, Kuwait, Bulgaria

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