Inactivated oily vaccine against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and pustular vulvovaginitis of cattle.

One dose contains :
Virus rhinotracheitidis bovis inactivatum min. 107 TCID50
target species Cattle
indication Active immunization of cattle against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and pustular vulvovaginitis of cattle.
contra-indications Animals sick or suspected from any disease must not be vaccinated.
dosage and route of administration 3 ml, intramuscularly.
recommended vaccination scheme
Non-vaccinated cows
Cows are vaccinated twice during gravidity period in time interval 14-21 days in that manner that last vaccination was done not later than 14 days before calving.
Vaccinated cows
Cows are vaccinated once a year, the best 14-21 days before calving.
In problem stock-raising the vaccination of calves at the age of 6-8 weeks with following revaccination during 21-28 days is recommended. Third vaccination follow at the of 6-7 months. Non- vaccinated young livestock
Animals are vaccinated twice. The first vaccination is at the age of 3 months and revaccination follows during 21-28 days.
undiserable effects None.
withdrawal period At compulsory slaughter of animals during period till 21 days after vaccination , tissue in the injected area is necessary to eliminate.
size of package
Vials with content of 15 ml (5 doses), 90 ml (30 doses),
240 ml ( 80 doses), 450 ml (150 doses)
stability 12 months.
storage conditions Allow the vaccine to reach temperature 18 to 22°C before use. Once opened product use within 24 hours.
country of MA Slovak Republic

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