Homologous hyperimmune serum against viral diseases of dogs.

Immunoserum contra:
Parvovirus enteritidis canis min. 512 HIT
virus febris contagiosae canis min 80 VNP
Virus parainfluensis canis min. 32 HIT
Virus hepatitidis contagiosae canis min. 64 HIT
target species Dogs.
Therapy and prevention of viral diseases of dogs
( such as distemper, parvovirosis, parainfluenza , infectious laryngotracheitis and hepatitis ).
contra-indications None.
Puppy less than 7 weeks of age: 1 ml
Dogs to the weight 5 kg: 2,5 ml
Dogs to the weight 10 kg: 5 ml
Dogs up to weight 10 kg: 10 ml
During acute phase of diseases repeated administration of appliance during 24 or 48 hours is recommended. The dose is identical with registered dose.
route of administration
Intramuscularly, if the dose is more than 5ml , apply the product into two places.
It is possible to apply the product by intravenous method in acute phase of diseases.
remark Protective and therapeutic effect gets on within 24 hours and lasts 14-21 days after application.
undiserable effects None known.
withdrawal period The product is not intended for food producing animals .
size of package 5 ml.
stability 12 months.
storage conditions Store at temperature between +2 to +8 °C, in dark and dry place.
country of MA Slovak Republic, Malta, Cyprus

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